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Something Different is a house-hold name within the wedding and events industries with big names behind them such as former Miss World, Rolene Strauss and corporates such as Dom Perignon and Chevron. Specialising in conceptual designs and executions, with a love for out-of-the-box creative thinking and an eye for exceptional details, Something Different has always been a front-runner in the field of décor, design and pulling together creative concepts.

In 2017, they launched their custom-design décor business – Something Desired - offering clients unique pieces that suit their style and space. In 2018, they’re adding to their repertoire, with the launch of their high quality, value-for-money Kiddies Range – made with mom, baby, toddler and tween in mind!


The range – very suitably called - MIA Kiddies Range is an Acronym for Maria, Imogen & Archie.

This range was really true to my heart. We have developed many products, designs and ranges but this one was not just born out of prettiness and necessity but out of experience, out of hindsight and out of knowing that these pieces would be important to mothers and families. Both Nelia (our designer) and myself have children and as this was a true collaboration I felt to honour her she needed to be a part of the ranges name as well, and because these products were shaped from our own experience with our kiddies, we felt they needed to head up the ranges key name.” adds Kate.

Kate Shepherd, founding owner of Something Different and Something Desired is a mom of two (3-year-old girl; 6-month-old boy) and a business woman who understand the importance of good quality furniture that is both functional as well as useful and has longevity. With the launch of their Kiddies Range, Kate ensured each piece is timeless and can be used for years and years to come. First up, for her, was the feeding chair, “For my own journey, feeding my children had to be in a comfortable place day and night. It has to be firm enough so it’s easy to get in and out of with kids without waking them, but comfortable enough to doze off during night feeds when the need arises. I wanted the finish to be smooth and darker to avoid seeing muck. We opted for velvet because it’s just so fashionably chic. We love the Olive Green colour – it says ‘serious’ but is still colourful and fun. When baby outgrows it, it will make a wonderful addition to your living room!” Says Kate.


One of the most innovative designs for new moms definitely has to be the all-in-1 compactum, designed by Kate and her team after she had her baby boy 6 months ago and came across the same challenges as any new mom – a lack of space and a need for loads!


With a newborn, you need a lot of things: an area to change your baby, additional storage for products and more, as well as bath unit, as you wouldn’t want the schlep of moving between your cold bathroom and baby’s warm room. With this in mind, we felt a huge need for an all-in-1 solution. Together with other mothers, we researched and then developed this compactum to cover all the bases needed, whilst most importantly being compact and looking stylish.” says Kate. The team opted for easy wipe down surfaces, a clever lift flap will reveal the bath and once closed, becomes your baby’s changing table. They’ve also ensured there is enough storage for changing goodies at easy reach, solid draws and a separate cupboard for different storage styles. “Drainage from the bath to a bucket is all that’s required, so a very water-wise solution too. We feel this could be the ultimate solution to many a problem, we hope you do too.” Adds Kate.


To continue on your baby room journey, we shine some light on well…lighting.

Whether you need nice lighting over changing areas, for reading books or just to add some modern touches, Something Desired’s custom designed lights are trendy and gives the perfect soft room lighting. They’ve opted for organic shapes and textures to bring warmth and a relaxed feel to a room. This basket light gives chic simplicity to any nursery or bedroom. In addition, with great patterns from the light, softness of the string, their ball pendants are a great addition to any room to remove sterile overhead lighting – the perfect environment for baby to fall asleep dreaming.


When it came to creating a unique table and chairs set, she looked to her daughter, Imi, for inspiration. “Years ago, I designed a set of Bunny Chairs and a matching table set for my daughter, she is 3 years old now and still loves it. She eats, draws and entertains friends around it.” Says Kate. “I wanted her to be part of our dining and living spaces, but wanted to opt for something that matched and enhanced our home décor.” She adds. With this in mind, Something Desired added an adorable set of little animals’ stools & table set to their collection – it is neutral and chic enough to fit into your living space and still gives a fun place for them to chill. “Kids must be kids, but they can do it in style!” adds Kate.


One cannot design a Kiddies Range without a beautiful and timeless bed for boys and girls, and Kate didn’t let wait on her either. “Every little girl (even mine) wants to be a princess. No matter how much we try to keep things gender neutral, they want to be beautiful princesses. So, we satisfied our daughter’s need and created this whimsical but practical single bed frame with soft drapes, twinkling fairy lights. We opted for a large built-in drawer underneath for either another mattress or storage.” Adds Kate.

For boys, Kate and the Something Desired team opted for adventure! “Exploring the world is what you want for your child and what better way than the fanciest glamping bed.” Adds Kate. Let your boy journey through all his dreams and adventures with this simple and custom single bed design with a drawer underneath for added storage. This bed is perfect for toddlers through to tweens! For both boys and girls, Kate and the team took the traditional black board and re-designed it to add a little bit of style to your kids’ play area with a large surface and fun shape for kids to doodle and design.


When it comes to additional décor items, the Something Desired team has thought of literally everything. Continue your baby’s journey through the mountains, by adding Something Desired’s effortlessly chic bookshelves for a unique finish.

To add those final touches to a now, perfect room, Something Desired also has custom designed cushion covers in any colour as well as their in-house print collection which is ever growing. “We keep adding to this dynamic set of beautiful hand painted animal designs, cutesy typography and fun personal mantras.” Says Kate.


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