3 in 1 Designer Scandi Compactum

R 9,308.00

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      Changing Table, Bath Unit and Chest of Drawers all in one. For space savers, needers of style, clever layout and perfect for any nursery. This handcrafted and personally designed changing table is the perfect solution.

      With the need for space an ever increasing issue, to have an area to change your child, with an additional need for more storage space and then you need a bath unit or to schlep to your own cold bathroom. We felt the need for an all in 1 solution. Together with other mothers we researched and then developed this compactum to cover all the bases needed, whilst most importantly being compact and looking stylish. Easy wipe down surfaces, clever lift flap for reveal of bath, storage for changing goodies at easy reach, solid draws and separate cupboard for different storage styles. Drainage from the bath to a bucket is all that’s required, so a very water-wise solution too. We feel this could be the ultimate solution to many a problem, we hope you do too.

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